PDE and Applied Math seminar

Place: Amado Building, Room 814 (Note the room change)

Time: Tuesdays 14:30

Organizer: Ram Band

Talks (ordered chronologically backwards):

21 April 2015Uzy SmilanskyWeizmann InstituteDyson's Brownian Motion Model for Random Matrix Theory - RevisitedLink to Abstract
14 April 2015Arik YochelisBen-Gurion UniversityOrigin of finite pulse trains ​in ​reaction-diffusion PDEs: Homoclinic snaking in excitable mediaLink to Abstract
31 March 2015Lev BuhovskiTel-Aviv UniversityBoundedness and unboundedness of the first eigenvalue of the LaplacianLink to Abstract
24 March 2015José Antonio Carrillo de la PlataImperial College LondonMinimizing Interaction EnergiesLink to Abstract
16 March 2015 - *MONDAY*Matthias KellerUniversität JenaDoes diffusion determine the geometry of a graph?Link to Abstract
20 January 2015Vitaly MorozSwansea universityGround-states of a Schrödinger-Poisson-Slater type equationLink to Abstract
6 January 2015Guillaume Roy-FortinUniversité de MontréalGrowth and nodal sets of Laplace eigenfunctions on manifoldsLink to Abstract
23 December 2014Iosif PolterovichUniversité de MontréalSpectral geometry of the Steklov problemLink to Abstract
9 December 2014Nir GavishTechnionGeneralized Poisson Boltzmann and Differential Capacitance data: an inverse problemLink to Abstract
2 December 2014Mark AgranovskyBar-Ilan UniversityCommon nodal surfaces in the Euclidean spaces
Link to Abstract
25 November 2014Guy GilboaTechnionA spectral variational approach for image analysisLink to Abstract
18 November 2014Avner PelegHebrew UniversityCoupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations, Lotka-Volterra models, and control of soliton collisions in broadband optical waveguide systems.Link to Abstract
11 November 2014Ofer ManorTechnionBalancing Capillary, Viscous, and Vibrational Mechanisms for making High Surface Energy Liquid Spread over a Solid SubstrateLink to Abstract
4 November 2014Yoel ShkolniskyTel-Aviv UniversityMathematical challenges in cryo-electron microscopyLink to Abstract
28 October 2014August KruegerTechnionStructure and Dynamics of Noncommutative Solitons: Spectral Theory and Dispersive Estimates
Link to Abstract
21 October 2014Adrian LewStanford UniversityUniversal Meshes: High-order simulation of problems with evolving geometries

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